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Understanding the Highly Sensitive Child; Assessment focus- Recording coming soon!; Sep 20, 2018; Tania Johnson R.Psych/RPT, Co-Director Institute of Child Psychology


The Internet as a Source of Support for Youth with Chronic Conditions: A Qualitative Study- Recording; ; 


Registration now open! Tuesday February 26th! Our next webinar on Infant Mental Health! Register here!; ; 


UPCOMING WEBINAR; Infant Mental Health Part 2; A Closer Look; ; 


On Demand! A New Kind of Normal; Caring for Dying Children and Supporting their Families for the Years to Come. Webinar Recording; ; Norah Shaughnessy, MSW


  • The topic and content was great and rarely addressed through other methods of online learning for child life specialists.

  • I very much value these learning opportunities - it's great to be able to access some learning in the middle of the day and when education dollars are so scarce.

  • Upedia webinars are an excellent source of applicable information for child life specialists, plus offer the opportunity to earn PDUs.

  • Great first time experience with Upedia. I will definitely visit again and encourage my staff also.

  • Really enjoy the fact that we can use these webinars in furthering development as a team and as a growing profession in our hospital. Thank you!

  • With budget cuts, it is becoming increasingly difficult to travel to conferences. Webinars make the information more easily accessible. I thank you and your organization for organizing them.

  • Thanks so much for doing these webinars. So helpful for those of us who are looking for ways to continue our learning and sharpen our skills as practitioners.

  • Great topics that are easily accessible. Thank you!