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Upedia is an online peer-reviewed psychosocial resource library developed for child life specialists and those affiliated with child life, to share knowledge and practices that best support and enhance a child’s ability to cope with health care experiences.

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Links Child Life Specialists and health professionals to one another and the resources they need to support children, youth and their families.

Results in less time spent developing effective programs and searching for interventions, resources and practical tools leaving more time for staff to work front line.

Offers learning opportunities via webinars tackling relevant issues presented by leaders within the Child Life Specialist profession.

Promotes collaboration and learning across programs, agencies, and front-line staff.

Provides registered Upedia members with access to 1400+ practical tools and resources.

Creates a network of Child Life Specialists and health professionals to share insights and ideas.


Registered Upedia members have access to over 1400 practical tools and promising interventions, plus a network of Child Life Specialists and health care professionals. 

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    Upedia is the product of generous contributions, suggestions, and collaboration from mental health treatment and resource centres across Canada. Join our list of content contributors.

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    It was during a presentation by KHLF founder Basile Papaevangelou that he shared his family's personal story..

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    If you have a question, a webinar suggestion, an idea, or if we can assist in any way, please contact us.

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