Basile Papaevangelou and Christina Papaevangelou

Our story

Basile Papaevangelou and daughter Christina Papaevangelou, founders of the Kids Health Links Foundation, believe in the health and well-being of children and youth. It is their belief in the work of child life specialists, and their foundations commitment to psychosocial care that enabled the development of the Canadian Child Life Institute and hence, the Upedia website.

Upedia has been developed in part through a series of Canada wide visits to child life programs and friends of child life by the Canadian Child Life Institute Ambassadors. Sincere thanks to all of the hospitals and programs that participated by hosting the visiting ambassadors, completing program databases, and helping with website development advice and materials. A broad range of child life services were discussed and observed across the country, informing the shape of this website. Practitioners from a spectrum of programs that support children’s coping also shared their needs, wishes and dreams for national child life networking and support. The following organizations and individuals have helped to shape Upedia: