RECORDING; Infant Mental Health Part 2; A Closer Look

Created by jesmiller on 4/24/2019 4:15:37 PM

Infant Mental Health Part 2: A Closer Look

May 7th 12-1pm

This webinar continues to explore infant mental health and builds on the content of the previous webinar Keeping the Babies in Mind. After a quick review of basic infant mental health principles, the webinar will provide an overview of the development and screening of social and emotional development; trauma and its impact on the brain and subsequent development; and how to support mentalization in parents and ourselves as child life professionals. Note: Anyone who didn’t watch Keeping the Babies in Mind is strongly encouraged to watch the recording before the upcoming webinar.


Jo-Anne Robertson, MPH is a former certified child life specialist who worked in both the USA and Canada with chronically ill children of all ages. Later she pursued her passions of infant mental health and optimal early child development at a population level and recently, Jo-Anne has been hired as a program manager with the Infant Mental Health Promotion team at SickKids Hospital in Toronto.




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