May 14th, 2021 12pm-1:30 EST Demystifying MAID: How to support children & families through hard conversations

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This webinar will promote an understanding of MAID, what it is, how it works, and the idea of dying with dignity. This can be a challenging issues that can lead to confusion, fear and worry within a family. Participants will explore their own views/biases/worries and develop concrete strategies for difficult conversations with children and families. In addition, participant will learn how to address misconceptions, conflicts and worries family members face as they prepare for MAID. Together, we will explore how open and honest communication can lead to families experiencing a healthy and positive end of life journey with a loved one.

Tara Noble MSW

Tara has a Master of Social Work degree and for over 20 years, has worked with children, youth and families facing a variety of complex challenges. Throughout her career, Tara has worked within Child Welfare, Family Law, Grief and Children’s mental health. Currently, Tara has a private counselling practice in Toronto, wherein she continues to support children, youth and families to promote positive outcomes. Tara has expertise in preparing for death of a loved one, as well as counselling that supports the grieving process. Through an Attachment and Family Systems lens, Tara has learned that by providing empathic interventions for caregivers and children, children and families can integrate grief in a way that promotes resilience and healthy futures.


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